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Application Samples
Application Samples
What is Ultrasonic?

Introduction of Ultrasonic Detection and Necessity


Ultrasounds are sound waves with frequencies higher than
the audible range (16kHz to 20kHz) of human hearing

Causes for the generation of ultrasound

- Problems in electricity facilities that have electric discharges cause ionization in the air
- Leaking or sucking of any form of gas causes turbulence flows in the air
- Trouble with machinery, including loose parts or friction, is a cause of ultrasound emission

Ultrasonic Technology

Technology Description

Types of energy from defective parts

Types of Energy

Sound energy Category Electromagnetic energy
Ultrasound Type of wave Electromagnetic
Air Medium of movement Electrons
Detection band width Random
Within 30 meters Detection range Random within 100meters
Only moves straight Directivity No directivity
(can come from all directions)
Comparison to high-frequency electromagnetic wave detection method
Category Electromagnetic wave detection
Possible Broad range detection
(from moving vehicle)
Possible Detailed detection Not Possible
Possible Detailed live wire detection Not Possible
Steady and distinguishable Waveform Difficult to standardize
Useful for detailed inspection Advantages Useful for broad range inspection
High-frequency electromagnetic wave detection method

Electromagnetic waves occur in different frequencies, so signals that are not within the settings of the detecting device are difficult to notice

Ultrasound detection method

All ultrasound waves from electricity facilities are all detectable around 40kHz, so all defaults are detectable without changing the bandwidth settings

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