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Products Feature
UD-10 UD-2
UD-10 UD-2
Precise on-site diagnosis using both visual and auditory input

UD-1 Front

The touch screen monitor enables inspector to see the form of the sound waves that are being heard

UD-1 Side

Power button and connection sockets

UD-1 Top

GPS receiver to record the inspector's exact location

UD-1 Receiver




* Product Details

UD Series is our ultrasound detection equipment that is capable of detecting and analyzing abnormalities in power distribution facilities 'from a distance', 'within a moving vehicle

Sensor Open-type ultrasound sensor
Reception : Max -55dB(40KHz)
Frequency range : 20~60KHz
Detection Range 0~50DB ((error±1DB)
Up to 25m
1000 V or higher (no upper voltage limit)
Ultrasound Conversion Heterodyne
Output Stereo 16Ω Earphone, 8Ω Internal speaker
Display 800 x 480, 16bit color TFT LCD
* UD-2 : Button
Input 4 lane resistance touch screen
Alarms Battery remaining, SD Card recognition, Touch key-tone, etc.
GPS Record -160dBm, Google earth file interlock(kml) * UD-2 : None
Wav Record Sampling frequency : 32KHz
External SD Card FAT32 file system
* UD-2 : External Storage
Range of Main Measurements Frequency 20~100KHz (unit: 1KHz)
Sensitivity : 0~100dB (unit: 1dB)
Volume 0~99%(unit: 1)
Dimensions(mm) 135(W) x 200(L) x 50(H)
Weight Mainframe: less than 1.5Kg
Detector: less than 0.4Kg
Functioning Temperature In use : -10°C ~ 55°C
Storage : -25°C ~ 70°C
Power Supply Built-in battery : Li-ion 4 x 2cell(2200mAh)
Battery charging : 16V~18V charging device
Max. power consumption: less than 5W
Can be used for 10 hours with full battery

Analysis Software


Analyzes recorded sound wave files (WAV) to assist the inspector's judgment

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